It could be quite hard to claim a spot on London’s famous art exhibits but not this latest contemporary art exhibition which recently made it into the limelight because of its audience; it’s exclusively for dogs.First Art Exhibition Solely for Dogs was created by British designer Dominic Wilcox who’s a master of the originals. He has brought children’s inventions and imaginary friends to life and now he created world’s first contemporary art exhibition for dogs with 4 kinds of interactive, contemporary art installations based on things that dogs like to do. With the help of dog experts and veterinarians he created ‘Dinnertime Dreams’ a 10-foot dog bowl filled with more than 1,000 balls.

‘Dinnertime Dreams’ a 10-foot dog bowl

‘Cruising Canines’ an open car window with a fan to imitate the wind with scented dog-friendly perfume of raw meat and old shoes. Other exhibits allow dogs to chase interactive sprinklers or lose themselves in an enthralling video of a bouncing Frisbee.

‘Cruising Canines’

Dominic Wilcox said “Contemporary art has long been an important source of inspiration and fascination for humans, but never before has it been created with a view to drawing the same kind of emotions out of animals instead. While it’s certainly one of the more interesting challenges I’ve faced in my career it feels great to have created such a truly unique collection of interactive artworks for a completely new audience.I’m looking forward to seeing how many tail wags I get in approval!”


Wilcox also curated selection of paintings and drawings created in a dog’s colour band” which includes lots of greys, yellows and blue scenes familiar to dogs (chicken drumsticks, trees) and displayed at dog-eye level for their viewing pleasure.It’s a pity the art exhibition ran only for three days on Tanner Street, London and was sold out before it opened. The exhibition is formed part of #PlayMore campaign to encourage dog and cat owners everywhere to spend more time playing with their pets.