Chinese décor has explored a number of different trends throughout the years, but there is always an underlying aspect in this regions designs that makes it immediately identifiable. Shenzhen-based designer “Big Nose” and Hangzhou-based designer Xiang Chen have created beautiful interiors that take inspiration from traditional Chinese stylings and blended them into refreshing and modern living spaces.

Big Nose uses warm neutral colours and artwork inspired by nature. Following influence from classic Chinese design theory, with aspects such as panelled walls to be reminiscent of the decorative screens, and mixing with modern textiles and contemporary furniture, a fresh and inviting environment is created. Big Nose’s attention to detail contributes largely to the overall success of the design. The subtle use of the five elements of the Chinese zodiac (Wu Xing); wood, fire, earth, metal and water help to create that underlying aspect to be recognisable as traditionally Chinese.

Xiang Chen has followed a more minimalist theme throughout their project in Nanjing. Chen has taken furniture from Hans Wegner’s 1944 collection that was inspired by the Ming dynasty to demonstrate a combination of modern and traditional influences. Chen’s designs have a much more clean and airy feel to them with the use of light neutral colours, however, it is with the use of texture, such as the wood flooring and stone details that a traditional Chinese feeling is created.

The use of décor around a home is ultimately what makes it feel like it is of a certain cultural influence and with both these designers, their attention to detail and use of patterns and traditional symbols is what makes these modern interiors so successful.