Art & Culture: Brick Lane

img_0551Brick Lane is in East London and is host to the Brick Lane Market. Among all the interesting stalls and shops, an array of quirky street art can be found, making it popular destination for both bargain hunters and art lovers.

When discussing Art & Culture in England, East London’s Brick Lane will always be high on the topic list.
Located in Shoreditch, street artists from all over the world travel to Brick Lane to create and exhibit their work as they know they will have an appreciative audience. Notable works include the ‘Octo Ele’ by Alexis Diaz (La Pandilla), found on Hanbury Street and the ‘Giant Crane’ by Belgian artist ROA, also found on Hanbury Street.

An exciting aspect about the street art in Brick Lane is that it is constantly changing. Pieces are often painted over so that new works can be displayed by other artists which means you will more than likely be able to experience completely different artworks, each time you visit Brick Lane. This refreshing surge in street art dsc_2098is a large part of what has made Brick Lane a ‘go-to’ place in London.Another aspect of Brick Lane which attracts a large amount of people is the Brick Lane Market. Here you can find almost anything from cheap retro clothing to Art Deco furniture. Though the shops and restaurants are open every day, the best day to visit is Sunday as the streets are filled with people selling their second-hand wares and there are also often street performers which will offer an extra vibrant experience to your visit.To finish off in Brick Lane, you can visit one of the many famous curry houses. With a large 4618136172_502x620Bangladeshi community, Brick Lane is thriving with delicious Bangladeshi restaurants that offer great food at very reasonable prices. On the other hand, if you’re not a fan of curry, or fancy something a bit lighter, then you can also get authentic Jewish bagels from ‘Beigel Bake’ which is a 24-hour bakery known for it’s traditional Jewish-style filled bagels.To tour around Brick Lane to see the street art will take approximately 1 – 2 hours, depending on how fast you walk, starting at Aldgate East Tube station and finishing at Shoreditch High Street station. This walk is easily achieved by yourself, however, if you wanted to have a guided tour, there are many free tours that are simple to find online.