Siam Supper Club

The Siam Supper Club is a chic, destination bar and grill bringing cool to a place known for it’s tropical heat. Laguna, Phuket provides the beautiful backdrop for this now internationally famous establishment.


A favorite among discerning residents and travellers alike, its unique decor and intimate ambiance delivers a setting for people from all corners of the world to mix and mingle.


Many a tale has been told at its gorgeous long-bar, where the infamous are constantly spotted imbibing their favorite equatorial cocktails while listening to the mellow jazz and lounge music.


The menu is best described as “West Coast Cuisine” and serves what many say are the finest meats, fish and pizzas in South East Asia. If, indeed, the proof is in the pudding then our desert menu is topped off by the best Cheese Cake under the sun. Eating at the Siam Supper Club is said to be, by food connoisseurs, a truly unique taste experience on an island already famous for its food.

Contact Siam Supper Club | 076 270 936