England has always been a domineering force within the technology industry. ‘Designability’ is a UK based company looking to revolutionize long-term healthcare through CHIRON robotics,(Care at Home using Intelligent Robotic Omnifuctional Nodes).


multi-agent-bio-roboticsThe UK’s digital world in recent years has really started to take off. The digital economy in the UK is growing 32% faster than the rest of the nation’s economy and has put the UK among the world’s top rankings of fastest growing digital economies. This surge of digital prowess has enabled more groundbreaking ideas to be explored and developed. CHIRON, a robotic healthcare project led by Designability, is one of these that has been granted the funding to help change the way we live our everyday lives.Standing for ‘Care at Home using Intelligent Robotic Omni-functional Nodes’, CHIRON is looking to revolutionize long-term care through the use of robotic technology. A set of intelligent modular robotic systems, will be located in multiple positions around your home with the capabilities to help with human-robots-e1433163724309getting ready in the morning, personal hygiene, and even support you in preparing meals in the kitchen.The project is being led by Nigel Harris at Designability and has multiple UK based partners including, Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL), Shadow Robot Company, Three Sister Care, Telemetry Associates, and Smart Homes & Building Associates. This team have received around £2m in funding from Innovate UK as part of their ‘Long Term Care Revolution SBRI national challenge’. With the UK population ageing at a fairly rapid pace, the two-year project will help give people the choice to stay independent for longer as they age with an overall goal to reduce people’s need for care in the future. Immediate aims, however, will be to allow care workers more time to spend providing valuable social companionship whilst CHIRON takes care of other tasks.The ultimate vision is to have a CHIRON in every home, used alongside a person’s existing support network. CHIRON will be built to grow with us, learn our needs and preferences while we are well, and adapt, expand and learn as our care needs emerge.