“There is character and soul in what we do. The material we use, the link to heritage, the designs, that combination is unique.” – Timothy Oulton.

Timothy Oulton is a luxury British furniture brand, named so after it’s founder. Their story begins back in 1976 with a small antiques shop owned by Tim’s father, to now having as many as 37 retail galleries worldwide.In traditional British culture, having a compelling interior was vital for hosting a memorable evening with friends and family. This ethos is a driving force in what inspires Timothy Oulton to produce the highest quality furniture and show-stopping spaces, known for it’s distinctive leather finishes and unique designs.Influenced by his love of antiques, his father’s military background, and an affection for British heritage, Oulton creates handcrafted furniture using traditional techniques, simple tools and pure, natural materials.The materials used at Timothy Oulton are one of the most interesting aspectsloft-living-england-edition-final behind the brand. With leathers being sourced from South America in Brazil and Argentina, where the cattle run free on the Pampas, the finished products are highly resilient against scratches and abrasions. Other materials, can often have already experienced a lifetime of use already, such as wood rescued from abandoned fishing boats that is then reclaimed and reformed to create mesmerizing furniture. The result of this is not only does the customer get a piece of high quality furniture, but also a piece with a story behind it.Designing furniture, lighting and home accessories, Timothy Oulton’s signature pieces really show off all the aspects we have previously discussed. The ‘Westminster Union Jack Sofa’ demonstrates both the traditional stylings and influence from British heritage. This is also seen in the ‘Match Point’ piece which is created from a collection of vintage tennis racquets that predominantly date back to the 50s and 60s.