Who is Green Tech Energy?

Green Tech Italy is a network of leading Italian companies in the fields of Ecology and Renewable Energy.
The network was born in January 2016 for the founding partners will bring together the main skills, professionalism and experience of the sectors Ecology (waste recovery) and Renewable Energy, and then export them to the world.
The technology and know-how offered by Green Tech Italy, ranging from design, to the realization and management of waste treatment and power equipment solutions.
The professionalism and the seriousness of the member companies of the network has been recognized for more than 25 years of experience and innovation in Italy and abroad.

What is Green Tech Energy’s Mission?

Green Tech Italy acts as the sole point of contact for everything related to the analysis, design, implementation and management of ecosystems.
Green Tech Italy brings together companies Italian companies leaders in the fields of renewable energy and the treatment and recovery of waste with a strong commitment to innovation.
Our technologies : photovoltaic, hydroelectric, biomass plants and biogas. Plants for the treatment and recovery of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, including energy recovery through the turnkey construction of incinerators also small.
Green Tech Italy is developing a “cluster” that wants to be an open laboratory, dedicated to applied research and experimental development of applications and technology solutions aimed at the transformation of waste into resources: the new network will be called Veneto Cleen Cluster.
Veneto Cleen Cluster will soon become an information hub for the exchange of knowledge in the optimization of the recycling processes of waste and optimization of logistics flows, in a logic of internal and external supply chain and intermodal.


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