aj_400_154_correctedFor years many Britons have taken a lot ofpride in the interior of their homes.Here we bring you two of Britains current top interior designers, Siobhan Mooney
and Clare Pascoe to showcase how designing the interior of one’s home has become more than just being a suitable living space, but also a way to express a person’s personality.The UK has many world recognised interior designers that belong to the BIID (British Institute of Interior Design. Two of the most recent talents that fall into this category are Edinburgh based designer Siobhan Mooney and West Sussex based Clare Pascoe of Pascoe Interiors.
Siobhan Mooney has a variety of residential and commercial clients and prides herself on having a close relationship with each and every client. Through this close relationship, Mooney is able to personalise each of her designs to the desires of her customers, staying sympathetic to the building, appropriate to the function, and reflecting the personality of whomever she is designing for. Her passion lies in working on period and listed buildings which is evident in her luxurious stylings as she creates a styling of ccg7_modern-georgian‘classic contemporary’.Also following a leading-edge styling, Clare Pascoe of Pascoe Interiors takes inspiration from her love for modernist design and collection of mid-century furniture, creating ‘mid-century contemporary’ interiors. These designs follow a base palette that have a Nordic feel to them and employs a mix of stylish elements made by emerging British designers and pieces of mid century furniture and lighting. Another influential aspect to Pascoe’s designs is her sustainable design policy. Sourcing primarily from UK and European based dealers, the aim is to reduce the impact on landfill as products will be reused and reupholstered to ensure comfortable and timeless pieces.Both these designers have taken inspiration from past times throughout.British culture, highlighting how desirable British interiors have been throughout the years. It also demonstrates the timelessness in the British person’s taste as both designers create rooms that are internationally accepted as being high quality interiors.