represents exclusive living design of yesterday and today and also often told by those who lived through it.
The family is a bunch of extraordinary charismatic people who all have one goal, which is to watch this explode and take over the publication world.
We work on a daily basis with seeking out the most innovative projects with an equal emphasis on the most renowned, influential studios and emerging, undiscovered talent. It has featured news and inside reports to a community of architects, industrial designers, engineers, landscape architects, graphic designers, interior designer whose s interested in the industrial design field and the built urban environment by curating this selective section, we also open our doors and in-boxes to the public.

full-logo_webIn the premier issue we cover stories from Local/International Architectures, Arts & Culture, exclusive Lifestyle design, Technology that conduct fast living and also how time has tainted the existence of Loft living/exclusive lifestyle.
The magazines also include contents and information regarding the pleasure that come along with being encircled in Loft living such as boats, hotels, and hotspots and of course lifestyle design.
With our desire to change the Lifestyle design world came the discovery of ‘ what” and “how to” make that happen. Really what we could offer?

We found a problem and then we presented our solution. After years of seeing empty media share anything to everything – we wanted to be different-we wanted to produce purposeful media.
We set out to tell stories highlighted real human interactions and man-made dignity, we created Loft to engage culture, build community and introduce a new fast living world design-one that talks about local and global concerns. In the past decade Marketers, agency executives and media professionals seeking information and insights.

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